Natural Stone Slabs for GTA Countertops

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Natural stone slab for GTA countertops can give your Toronto home added value and beauty. Keep reading to learn more about choosing a stone slab supplier.

Natural Stone Slab in the GTA

Many Greater Toronto Area homeowners want to install natural stone slab elements in their kitchen, bathrooms or other areas. In the past several decades, both granite and marble have become more affordable and accessible, due to improved technology that makes extracting and finishing stone less work-intensive. Never has installing luxurious natural stone features such as countertops been easier or more efficient. However, due to the increased interest in fine stone, many new sources of granite and marble have appeared. Even franchise hardware stores now carry some stone slabs. If you are considering installing a natural stone slab countertop in your GTA home, it’s important to find a source for stone that is experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy.


Choosing a Stone Supplier


There are several hallmarks of a good source for fine stone. These include:

  • Track Record. How long has the company been in business? Are those who have bought stone from the company satisfied? Does the company come recommended by someone you know? If not, will the company provide references from previous customers?
  • Personal Connections. Does the company have a relationship with the quarries where stone comes from? Has a company representative visited quarries? Can staff give you specific information about where and how each piece of stone was quarried?
  • Showroom. Does the company maintain a showroom where you can view a large number of stone slabs of different types, colours, patterns and finishes? Is the showroom a well-lit, attractive and welcoming place?
  • Staff. Can staff answer your questions? Are they friendly and honest? Is there sufficient staff to handle the number of customers?
  • Delivery. Does the company have its own fleet of delivery trucks, or do they depend on a second company? Are delivery times specified?
  • Size. Is the company too small to meet needs? Is it too large to have staff with specific knowledge?
  • Owner. Who owns the company? Is it a franchise or a subsidiary of a larger company? Or is it family-owned and operated? What can you find out about the nature of the company?

Choosing a Natural Stone Slab

Once you find a stone supplier, you will have experts on your side to help you select the perfect slab for your needs. Although both granite and marble are available in virtually every colour of the rainbow, many people prefer a countertop in a neutral tone such as grey, cream or beige in order to complement any colour scheme or style. Pearly white and polished black are also popular choices. Even within these parameters, there are great variations of colour, veining and pattern.
You’ll also have to decide on a finish; marble is often highly polished in order to highlight its luminous properties, but granite can have either a polished or honed (matte) finish.
Finally, with the help of your fabricator, you can choose an edge for your countertop. These range from simple straight or eased edges to the rounded bullnose edge, or more ornate ogee, cove or waterfall edges.
Installing a natural stone slab countertop in your GTA home can add beauty and value to your home. Visit a stone supplier today and discover the natural stone advantage!